What Should The Woman Who Learns That She is Vaginismus?

The fear of the first night (First night) is a kind of fear that fills all the girls’ minds with imaginary constructions since childhood. The first night is a type of fear that occurs with the hearing stories that will be very difficult, very painful, very irritable, unable to walk afterwards, unable to sit, the penis will get trapped in the vagina, something like a broomstick will come in,
This fear is fueled by information that is constantly circulating. When the first evening comes, the mind perceives this virtual fear as real because the mind tends to create its own subjective world. When a full relationship is to occur, the panic statement on the body of the mind creates; Heart attack, rhinorrhea irregularity, contraction, avoidance, hand pushing, etc.

What Should The Woman Who Learns That She is Vaginismus

These indications are so high that she is a different kind of woman. It lives in a different situation.

If the source of fear is a real situation, the problem can be solved by treating it. For example, a dice problem and associated pain. However, since the mind creates a subjective world of its own after a virtual process of horror, it does not solve the problem of performing dice operations or experimenting with drugs or alcohol because it perceives it as real.

Dr. According to Murat Ulusoy in a good vaginismus treatment; Training and vaginal control exercises, as well as the fact that it is necessary to get rid of the horror hypnosis on the mind. The success rate for this triple compliant treatment is quite high.

How should vaginismus treatment be?
The vaginismus woman should start treatment without losing time. If it makes any displacement, any relationship that flows through the years like water, tried, and fails is carrying vaginism more deeply.

The woman who learns that it is vaginismus needs to leave a sorrowful edge where she lives and tell her that her husband is a disease. At this point in your mind, “No, this is not an illness, and you do it if you want it” or “Let’s leave it to the time” brings the lack of solution. Just as the physician is assisted in other mental and mental illnesses, vaginismus should be assessed in the same category.

One important point is that your man must avoid distrust and experience.

Dr. Murat Ulusoy