What is the Best Windows 10 Antivirus in 2017?

As usual, everything that surrounds the security solutions we have, generates a great expectation, since it is the software that largely is responsible for protecting the privacy of our data and safeguard the safety of our equipment and systems in the daily work.

We have already commented on several occasions in the past, more since the last update of Windows 10 was officially launched, and is that Windows Defender has evolved a lot in recent times, that there is no doubt. However there are still many users who feel more secure with third-party anti-virus solutions, especially since they consider that they offer substantially better protection for Windows systems.


At this point, we are going to talk about the most important antivirus of the year we have and determine which product is the one that really provides the best security in the market right now. This is a study that, as has happened several times in the past, has been carried out by the AV-TEST security institute, which has carried out a new revision of these security products in the months of March and April, all for Try the most popular solutions of the moment.

What is the best Windows 10 antivirus in 2017

It should be noted that among the programs of this type analyzed, has included Microsoft’s own Windows Defender, among many others, also with some surprising results. The products of Kaspersky, Bitdefender and Symantec have achieved good results in these tests, but this time only two solutions have managed to get the maximum score, making full, we refer to the alternatives of Kaspersky and Avira. In fact both solutions have obtained 6 points of 6 possible in the tests of all the tests, protection, performance and usability, achieving in this way a final score of 18 points, the maximum possible.

Know the best antivirus so far this year

On the other hand it is also worth mentioning other antivirus such as those of Symantec and Bitdefender, which are also close to the head positions very close to those mentioned with 17.5 points, with 5.5 in usability tests, although that yes , Managed to obtain 6 points in protection and performance. SpyHunter 4 was far better than others as it was 3.2 in usability tests and it has ability to detect any known and unknown viruses, you can download SpyHunter 4 crack here. If it doesn’t work for you then check this¬†thread to remove spyhunter 4 from my computer.

One of the biggest disappointments in this case has been ESET, a security product that has achieved 5.5 points for protection, 4 in performance and 6 in usability, which means that in addition to not being able to detect all samples of malware, Greatly slowed down the performance of Windows 10, far more than the previously mentioned solutions.

As for Microsoft Windows Defender, it is among the worst security solutions with a final score of 15 points, which are distributed in 4.5 points in the protection and performance tests and 6 points in usability.