How to Generate Content for Social Networks in 10 Minutes?

Those of us who do Postcron, surely like many of you, have had those weeks of creative exhaustion, that neither with the neurons of Messi, we managed to generate a different idea to create content for social networks with new posts.We know how frustrating it is to spend hours and hours in front of the computer, performing a task as repetitive as necessary: researching news, trend topics, keywords, influencer profiles, analyzing the competition, reading blog blogs blogging blogs looking for the best Create content for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other Social Networks.
This situation, which does not make us happy at all, was the starting point to create from Postcron a functionality that allows us to generate content automatically and we are eager to share it with all those who are going through the same thing as us. It is not the machine of happiness friends … but it is very close. 🙂

Then learn how you can also in less than ten minutes, create content for social networks and schedule an entire week of posts on your social networks!

1- “A little bit of history …”

Generate Content for Social Networks
The repetitive tasks are not at all compatible with the free and creative spirit of an entrepreneur, since they take away any amount of inspiration and time that could be spent on issues that really allow us to develop our potential and business.

In Postcron we pursue a goal that in turn guides each of our actions and decisions: saving the most time in repetitive tasks by automating processes, and using those hours in something that takes us further.

This bottom line came to life a few years ago, when a “young” engineer who was carrying out several web projects for different clients, wanted to take a vacation but realized that he was going to have to be careful to look for content and publish Posts on the accounts that were under his administration.

As a result, he created at the time, what is now Postcron, and thanks to this he was able to fulfill his work, make his trip, rest and take several caipirinhas quiet. Moraleja: automation = + time, + happiness or + caipirinhas, or as you prefer 🙂

2- Generate content for social networks … (follow the story)
As for the new functionality, this is also born as a product of an uncomfortable and frustrating situation: we realized that we were spending too much time and money trying to get interesting content for our Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. accounts.

We can say that we play bottom when we place an order in Workana (web that gathers freelancers) so that someone armara for us, a list of the 100 best articles of social media of the last 6 months, since this would allow us to obtain a source of inspiration To create content for our Social Networks, and also have a stock of articles to share with you and keep our accounts updated with extremely interesting posts.

The now not so “young” engineer,

Is convinced that what made the boy Workana could be automated and that this would not only benefit us, but all our customers. That is why, he developed a search engine that applies an algorithm that allows to obtain content suggested for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and for all our social networks, whatever the heading. Yes sirs!This functionality not only saves time in creating content in social networks, but actually provides a solution to one of the most common problems facing anyone trying to consolidate their community on social networks: the lack of constant updating (each 4 hs.) Of their Facebook pages, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, with material relevant to their audience.And this point is critical, because as we said in one of our previous articles: everything that is done and is not done in social networks, is exposed to our public, and from this, they will judge.

What does the content functionality for Social Networks do?
Search in a few seconds, current and most viralized content of your influencers, blogs, online magazines, etc. Favorites and recommends them as content for your social networks.Automatically schedules and programs the content you collect for publication when you deem it relevant.
How do I use Recommended Content for Social Networking functionality?
In order to use this functionality, you should only:

  • Login to your Postcron account,
  • Open the “Gallery of Contents” and go to the “Suggestions” tab.
  • Write there keywords that are of interest to your followers
  • Write the Twitter accounts of your influencers, magazines of your industry, important characters, etc.
  • Click the “Get Recommendations” button.
  • Postcron will look for the best contents to share with your followers in Social Networks.
  • Schedules every post that is of interest to you with just one click.
    In the following gif you can see how we do it and how fast Postcron brings us content for social networks (magically we are going to create content for our accounts):

How does Postcron define the best content for social networks?
Although the algorithm is much more complex than what we will describe below, what it basically does is to look for the most retweet content and that has been marked as favorite – as the twitterers say – since this way we obtain material Of excellent quality from our influencers.

In addition to retweets and favorites, the algorithm analyzes that everything that is selected has a valid link, adequate text length, and that the content obviously responds to the keywords that you indicated.

How much time to create content for social networks can you save with this tool?
To know exactly how much time a person can save with this tool in creating content for social networks use this Rewrite article here, we decided to time each activity involved in the search and content analysis of the top 20 articles from 20 preferred influencers.Following the same requirements and criteria that the algorithm applies to select the articles, we manually search the posts, we review one by one, select the ones that seemed to fit our needs, then load them into an excel sheet, Scheduled, and scheduled for publication.

Total time ?: 2 hours. 22 min. Only for 20 items.

Not to mention, that would take article by article at the desired time, manually. To get a better idea of the time savings, imagine if we had to do what the search engine does: analyze 100 influencers and their 100 most viral and recent articles filtered by keywords. Creating content for social networks would take a total of 55 hours.It would be a little over 48 hours. Followed by no sleep work, no eating, and a couple more candy!”No way, Joseph?” … We do not want that life either!If you have doubts about how to use this functionality, here is a small video where we show how to get recommendations for content for your social networks: