How to Find a Partner For life?

As in so many other situations in life, the solution that works for many, for others does not have the expected result. The old technique of going with friends to a party or dance and finding your partner for life sometimes does not work. Most of the kids are drunk or just looking for someone to have fun and have fun. It is also important to choose the right party, place or event to find your better half. If you want to find someone who wants to have a serious relationship, pick up local magazines with ads, although you should be extremely alert if in this case the person is looking for a serious relationship or is just looking for an easy way to find a girl to have fun.

What Is Matter or what is not matter?

It does not matter if you are male or female, the Internet is the best opportunity to meet someone who lives far away from you. It is advisable to keep your guard up, since many times men write things they do not think and do not intend to do. This is another place where they expect to find short-term brides.

How to Find a Partner For life

Best Way To Find Life Partner

The truth is that the best way is through a serious partner selection agency or marriage agency. Both men and women who apply to participate in an agency of this nature, ultimately seek a partner for the long term and perhaps to create a family as a whole.

It’s a good sign when we had a great time with someone. But it is also very important if you have similar goals and future dreams. It is also good to get your prospective future partner, know enough about her, to know if your daily habits are acceptable to you.

The time will come when you should decide and you will surely ask which of your candidates is the most appropriate for you. You can make a list of what you are looking for in a life partner, and see who is the one who best responds to your wishes. You must have several interests in common and enjoy spending time together. It could be that both love to run, read, watch movies, go camping, etc. Following your heart and your common sense is the best way to do the right thing. This choice does not have to be simple falling in love, since this will be your lucky life partner.

Find Partner In Chat Rooms

As you know many people are used to social media and they have many friends there but also with social media there is web-basedor dating website as well where you can find many people online where you can communicate with them face to face on cam or throw text this is also best way to find a life partner.

How to Choose the Best Landline for Your Business?

Making a decision about the communication services your business needs can be a bit difficult. There are a variety of options and factors that you should consider during the process.Whether you are creating a new company or upgrading your old phone system, you are increasingly likely to choose an IP telephony system hosted in the cloud or systems installed directly in your own company.Regardless of what you choose, you will also have to decide whether you prefer an IP desk phone or a softphone application that will work with the preselected system.

Advantages of choosing an IP phone from your service provider

everyone looking for best telephone systems for their business Most likely, the telephony provider you choose will offer you a selection of VoIP phones that best suit your needs, from our experience this is the most recommended option. The other alternative would be to find, buy and configure the most appropriate IP telephones for your telephone system. This option is also feasible, but keep in mind that you will not be able to benefit from the abundant advantages of selecting a phone provided by your service provider:

How to Choose the Best Landline for Your Business


Prices are generally lower than those from other sources, this is due to the agreements between manufacturer and supplier.

‘Plug & Play’

The phones are already preconfigured for your account. All you have to do is connect it and start making calls.

Technical support and customer service

If you have problems with your phone for the duration of your contract, your service provider will provide you with a comprehensive customer service to make any configuration or change that is necessary. If you do not use the landlines provided by your service provider, they may not be able to help you because they do not have the required notions of the brand of the phone.

Software updates

Another important factor of a phone provided by your phone system provider is that you will get automatic software updates when they become available. You will always be up to date with the latest technology in telephony.


Another advantage when choosing phones directly from your provider is the security offered by the encryption of calls. The voice data or any other multimedia information that enters or leaves from your IP phone will be subject to security threats, which is why it is extremely important that your phones are protected.

Provisioning changes

If you need to make changes to your phone, such as caller ID or numbering, your service provider can offer an online login so you can manage these settings. It would be impossible to make changes to phones that are not compatible with your service provider.

Our Blueface UC platform is fully compatible with our range of Panasonic phones so you can make changes in real time.

Types of fixed IP telephones

Telephones for basic users (agent or executive telephones)These types of landline telephone are standard telephones with basic functionalities, such as silence option, voice mail and call transfer among others. These are essential functions for most workers in an office environment.

Telephones for labor mobility (cordless DECT telephones)

DECT, which stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications, allows wireless telephones through the use of a base station that is paired with one or more devices.Today’s DECT technology usually allows a base station to pair with 4 or 8 different wireless devices. This wireless technology adapts to a more mobile workplace that is not an office. Technology has proven popular in the retail sector, where employees are not necessarily linked to a place during their workday.

Telephones for receptionists

There are specific terminal groups that have been developed to be used by receptionists. Due to the nature of the paper, a receptionist must transfer calls or have multiple lines waiting or parked at the same time. They may also need speed dialing for important numbers. In general, telephones for receptionists come with what is known as keyboard extension modules. These modules are basically an added section in the phone with rows of function buttons to access different phone lines, speed dial numbering and BLF (Busy Lamp Field or busy indicator keys)

Conference telephones

Conference phones, such as the Polycom IP range, are designed specifically for the conference call function. These phones are suitable for meeting rooms or high level executive offices. Its technology specifically allows clarity and audio quality for all conference call participants.If you want more information about Blueface VoIP phones,

What is the best Windows 10 antivirus in 2017

What is the Best Windows 10 Antivirus in 2017?

As usual, everything that surrounds the security solutions we have, generates a great expectation, since it is the software that largely is responsible for protecting the privacy of our data and safeguard the safety of our equipment and systems in the daily work.

We have already commented on several occasions in the past, more since the last update of Windows 10 was officially launched, and is that Windows Defender has evolved a lot in recent times, that there is no doubt. However there are still many users who feel more secure with third-party anti-virus solutions, especially since they consider that they offer substantially better protection for Windows systems.


At this point, we are going to talk about the most important antivirus of the year we have and determine which product is the one that really provides the best security in the market right now. This is a study that, as has happened several times in the past, has been carried out by the AV-TEST security institute, which has carried out a new revision of these security products in the months of March and April, all for Try the most popular solutions of the moment.

What is the best Windows 10 antivirus in 2017

It should be noted that among the programs of this type analyzed, has included Microsoft’s own Windows Defender, among many others, also with some surprising results. The products of Kaspersky, Bitdefender and Symantec have achieved good results in these tests, but this time only two solutions have managed to get the maximum score, making full, we refer to the alternatives of Kaspersky and Avira. In fact both solutions have obtained 6 points of 6 possible in the tests of all the tests, protection, performance and usability, achieving in this way a final score of 18 points, the maximum possible.

Know the best antivirus so far this year

On the other hand it is also worth mentioning other antivirus such as those of Symantec and Bitdefender, which are also close to the head positions very close to those mentioned with 17.5 points, with 5.5 in usability tests, although that yes , Managed to obtain 6 points in protection and performance. SpyHunter 4 was far better than others as it was 3.2 in usability tests and it has ability to detect any known and unknown viruses, you can download SpyHunter 4 crack here. If it doesn’t work for you then check this thread to remove spyhunter 4 from my computer.

One of the biggest disappointments in this case has been ESET, a security product that has achieved 5.5 points for protection, 4 in performance and 6 in usability, which means that in addition to not being able to detect all samples of malware, Greatly slowed down the performance of Windows 10, far more than the previously mentioned solutions.

As for Microsoft Windows Defender, it is among the worst security solutions with a final score of 15 points, which are distributed in 4.5 points in the protection and performance tests and 6 points in usability.

How to Generate Content for Social Networks in 10 Minutes?

Those of us who do Postcron, surely like many of you, have had those weeks of creative exhaustion, that neither with the neurons of Messi, we managed to generate a different idea to create content for social networks with new posts.We know how frustrating it is to spend hours and hours in front of the computer, performing a task as repetitive as necessary: researching news, trend topics, keywords, influencer profiles, analyzing the competition, reading blog blogs blogging blogs looking for the best Create content for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other Social Networks.
This situation, which does not make us happy at all, was the starting point to create from Postcron a functionality that allows us to generate content automatically and we are eager to share it with all those who are going through the same thing as us. It is not the machine of happiness friends … but it is very close. 🙂

Then learn how you can also in less than ten minutes, create content for social networks and schedule an entire week of posts on your social networks!

1- “A little bit of history …”

Generate Content for Social Networks
The repetitive tasks are not at all compatible with the free and creative spirit of an entrepreneur, since they take away any amount of inspiration and time that could be spent on issues that really allow us to develop our potential and business.

In Postcron we pursue a goal that in turn guides each of our actions and decisions: saving the most time in repetitive tasks by automating processes, and using those hours in something that takes us further.

This bottom line came to life a few years ago, when a “young” engineer who was carrying out several web projects for different clients, wanted to take a vacation but realized that he was going to have to be careful to look for content and publish Posts on the accounts that were under his administration.

As a result, he created at the time, what is now Postcron, and thanks to this he was able to fulfill his work, make his trip, rest and take several caipirinhas quiet. Moraleja: automation = + time, + happiness or + caipirinhas, or as you prefer 🙂

2- Generate content for social networks … (follow the story)
As for the new functionality, this is also born as a product of an uncomfortable and frustrating situation: we realized that we were spending too much time and money trying to get interesting content for our Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. accounts.

We can say that we play bottom when we place an order in Workana (web that gathers freelancers) so that someone armara for us, a list of the 100 best articles of social media of the last 6 months, since this would allow us to obtain a source of inspiration To create content for our Social Networks, and also have a stock of articles to share with you and keep our accounts updated with extremely interesting posts.

The now not so “young” engineer,

Is convinced that what made the boy Workana could be automated and that this would not only benefit us, but all our customers. That is why, he developed a search engine that applies an algorithm that allows to obtain content suggested for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and for all our social networks, whatever the heading. Yes sirs!This functionality not only saves time in creating content in social networks, but actually provides a solution to one of the most common problems facing anyone trying to consolidate their community on social networks: the lack of constant updating (each 4 hs.) Of their Facebook pages, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, with material relevant to their audience.And this point is critical, because as we said in one of our previous articles: everything that is done and is not done in social networks, is exposed to our public, and from this, they will judge.

What does the content functionality for Social Networks do?
Search in a few seconds, current and most viralized content of your influencers, blogs, online magazines, etc. Favorites and recommends them as content for your social networks.Automatically schedules and programs the content you collect for publication when you deem it relevant.
How do I use Recommended Content for Social Networking functionality?
In order to use this functionality, you should only:

  • Login to your Postcron account,
  • Open the “Gallery of Contents” and go to the “Suggestions” tab.
  • Write there keywords that are of interest to your followers
  • Write the Twitter accounts of your influencers, magazines of your industry, important characters, etc.
  • Click the “Get Recommendations” button.
  • Postcron will look for the best contents to share with your followers in Social Networks.
  • Schedules every post that is of interest to you with just one click.
    In the following gif you can see how we do it and how fast Postcron brings us content for social networks (magically we are going to create content for our accounts):

How does Postcron define the best content for social networks?
Although the algorithm is much more complex than what we will describe below, what it basically does is to look for the most retweet content and that has been marked as favorite – as the twitterers say – since this way we obtain material Of excellent quality from our influencers.

In addition to retweets and favorites, the algorithm analyzes that everything that is selected has a valid link, adequate text length, and that the content obviously responds to the keywords that you indicated.

How much time to create content for social networks can you save with this tool?
To know exactly how much time a person can save with this tool in creating content for social networks use this Rewrite article here, we decided to time each activity involved in the search and content analysis of the top 20 articles from 20 preferred influencers.Following the same requirements and criteria that the algorithm applies to select the articles, we manually search the posts, we review one by one, select the ones that seemed to fit our needs, then load them into an excel sheet, Scheduled, and scheduled for publication.

Total time ?: 2 hours. 22 min. Only for 20 items.

Not to mention, that would take article by article at the desired time, manually. To get a better idea of the time savings, imagine if we had to do what the search engine does: analyze 100 influencers and their 100 most viral and recent articles filtered by keywords. Creating content for social networks would take a total of 55 hours.It would be a little over 48 hours. Followed by no sleep work, no eating, and a couple more candy!”No way, Joseph?” … We do not want that life either!If you have doubts about how to use this functionality, here is a small video where we show how to get recommendations for content for your social networks:

Californian Massage; how it’s different form other Massage types?

What differentiates it with other massages is the approach, for the therapist the massage is a moment to enter into meditation, silencing the mind, connecting the intuition and the heart in the hands, thus creating presence in his body and presence with the client. The session will begin with a brief conversation between therapist and client, to work with a therapeutic intention.

Californian Massage; how it's different form other Massage types?

The massage will begin with a few touches on the sheet to create confidence and connect with the body, will be touches firm and stretching the body. Through long movements, the body will flow through the body to create fluidity to relax the nervous system. Different rhythms will be used so that the mind does not control. The thumbs will define the limits. They will mix with elbows and forearms to work the deepest muscles. There will also be stretches and twists reminiscent of Thai massage always accompanied by deep breathing. Giving place to a space of relaxation and confidence allowing the energy to move and express itself becoming a form of nutrition in which the body, mind and heart are touched.


To understand what the Californian Massage is, we need to know where it developed. It was in the 1960s at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, founded by Michael Murphy and Dick Price in 1962 as a center for research on the movement of human potential.

Soon it became the meeting point of philosophers, psychologists, artists and religious thinkers of the time where other forms of healing were investigated as an alternative to the psychiatry of the time.

Nowadays every therapist who provides this knowledge, for which it is a massage in continuous renewal.

What does it consist of

California massage session What differentiates it with other massages is the approach, for the therapist the massage is a time to enter into meditation, silencing the mind, connecting the intuition and the heart in the hands, thus creating presence in his body and presence with the client. The session will begin with a brief conversation between therapist and client, to work with a therapeutic intention.

Machines can also give massage just like humans but Californian massage not possible with them BTW Shiatsu massage can be enjoyed on these massaging equipment. See this website to have a great collection of massage chairs and massage machines.

The massage will begin with a few touches on the sheet to create confidence and connect with the body, will be touches firm and stretching the body. Through long movements, the body will flow through the body to create fluidity to relax the nervous system. Different rhythms will be used so that the mind does not control. The thumbs will define the limits. They will mix with elbows and forearms to work the deepest muscles. There will also be stretches and twists reminiscent of Thai massage always accompanied by deep breathing. Giving place to a space of relaxation and confidence allowing the energy to move and express itself becoming a form of nutrition in which the body, mind and heart are touched.

Each of these elements makes each session different and an individual experience, where the person connects with his body, relaxing deeply releasing tensions and blockages both muscular and / or emotional.


This body work is directed to the whole world since there are many therapeutic benefits studied that can be achieved, such as:

  • Release stresses daily, reducing stress.
  • Helps to unlock contractures, muscular tensions, recovery of injuries.
  • It improves blood circulation, helping to oxygenate every part of your body.
  • It helps you eliminate toxins.
  • It improves your muscular tone, body position, creates amplitude of the body, becomes aware of the breathing.
  • At psychological level receive this massage generates feeling of well-being, vitality, joy, renewal …
  • It supports a time of emotional stress, such as depression or general demotivation.
  • Recommended for pregnant women during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.
games for girl

Top 5 Games For Girls for All Age Groups

Cute and cool things relate to a girl. Even when we talk about games, girls are more concerned with cute and funny games that are simple and easy to play on their smartphones. Girls are not concerned with the action games and even they don’t like to see those games. In this article, we are going to tell you about the best Android games for girls. We are focusing on the top 5 games totally girls playing games and you can also get hacks of these games like whatsapp hack snifer tool. All the girls are invited to read this article and see the list below for the top 5 games. If you like these below-listed games then download them from your play store and have fun.

So girls where are you? Are you excited to check out the best games for yourself? Would you like to explore these top games? If you are passionate about Smart Phone games then you must go through this article. Let’s started!

games for girl

Star Girl:

This is a game in which you design your own avatar. All you need is to create an avatar as you like and become the most attractive and super girl. Find out the best career for yourself, for example, a model, singer or any other job you like.  You can buy clothes, shoes and other accessories to give new looks to your avatar. Shopping is the best part of this game as girls like shopping in reality too. So, girls, you will admire this game.

The Princess Gives Birth a Baby:

Are you a caretaker? How would you feel to take care of someone? Would it be grateful to you to help a beautiful princess who is about to give a birth to a baby? Provide her with healthy food, give her all important treatments, shop for her baby, and admit her to the hospital. Be a girl who brings happiness to both the princess and her newborn baby.

The Bakery Story:

Open up your dream bakery now, design it as you like, make tasty and yummy pastries for your customers and make your customers happy by giving them great service.

  • Important points to be noted:
  • You can open a bakery as you like for free.
  • You have a menu card and you can customize it whenever you want.
  • You can also update your bakery with new decorations and new pastries for free every week.

Movie Star Planet:

Become a celebrity in the Movie Star Planet game. Get rich, make friends and chat with them. Make your avatar ready with different unique outfits that you have in your wardrobe and make movies.

Super Market Mania:

Sell as many products as you can. The main character in this game is Nikki. Help Nikki in serving her customers.

  • Important points to be noted:
  • You have 50 levels provided in this game that you can play.
  • There are seven different types of clients, you have to face them.
  • There are five shops.
  • You need to upgrade the game if you need more than 20 accessories.
  • Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this article and you will not get bored on your weekends.


4 Spoons a Day, Prevents Cancer!

4 Spoons a Day, Prevents Cancer!

Russian researcher Hristo Mermerski claims to have found a wonderful home-made treatment for cancer. This homemade recipe is a food that heals the whole body. Mermerski said he was treating cancer with a strong healing effect.

What are the benefits?

Clears blood vessels.
Advance memory.
Protect your heart against heart attacks.
It strengthens the immune system.
Cleans the lungs and kidneys.
It is a natural treatment for all types of cancer.


  • 15 lemons
  • 12 cloves garlic
  • 992 gr honey
  • 397 gr walnuts
  • 396 gr sprouted wheat

How does wheat germinate?

Put the green wheat in a large bowl and add enough water to pass it over. Stay overnight. Soak the green wheat in the morning and rinse thoroughly. Take the filtered wheat into another bowl. After 24 hours the wheat will be sprouted.


Clean the garlic teeth. Sprouted wheat, after mixing garlic teeth with walnuts, thoroughly grinds. Elsewhere 5 lemon peel together with the lecture. Add the other lemon to the ground lemon and mix. Add the remaining 10 lemon water to this mixture and mix it until it is integrated with each other. Finally, add the ball and mix with a wooden spoon. Put this mixture in a glass jar and keep it in the fridge for 3 days.

After 3 days, Dr Mermerski’s cancer treatment will be ready for you. Half an hour before breakfast and dinner, consume 1-2 tablespoons. Eat 1 spoon before sleeping.

Getting Rid of Love's Pain

Getting Rid of Love’s Pain

Love is a feeling that makes sense of our existence. Identification from the other person. An obsessive mood, the individual is always busy thinking about the person he is in love with. It is addictive at the same time because the individual moves between deprivation and attainment.
There is no difference in age, sex and religion. Every person needs to establish close relationships. When communication with close contacts is interrupted, they are also negatively affected.

The person in love experiences difficulties when the relationship is over because he/she takes the person whom he/she is in love with. Because the person whom he thinks is integrated comes out of his life, love suffers. The mind does not get used to being abandoned for a while. He may even be unable to do his work.

The thing that causes pain may be to separate from the loved one and to continue to love more than ever when separated from it. However, these grieving feelings have also gained personal identity, increasing awareness and allowing the person to know more about himself.

Getting Rid of Love's Pain

When the individual confronts his feelings, he can get rid of the problems more easily. The obsessive feeling towards the innocent person can be solved by hypnotherapy. When hypnotherapy, love and love come to an unhealthy dimension, the individual will return to normal life. First, we need to get rid of these distressed feelings.

After hypnotherapy, the person feels comfortable and peaceful, free from the exaggerated emotions. He gets rid of the troubled feelings of the end of the relationship and draws a curtain on the past. The person he wants to forget remembers less and less. Feelings like love and anger that he feels against him start to decrease. She starts to feel insecure about that person and her life with her.

Abandoned individuals may feel subconsciously abandoned children.
If there is a childhood experience that causes the pain of love to be exaggerated, it is solved by hypnotherapy by making meaning at the subconscious level. If there is no childhood experience associated with it, the love affliction is resolved over the individual’s relatives.

What Should The Woman Who Learns That She is Vaginismus

What Should The Woman Who Learns That She is Vaginismus?

The fear of the first night (First night) is a kind of fear that fills all the girls’ minds with imaginary constructions since childhood. The first night is a type of fear that occurs with the hearing stories that will be very difficult, very painful, very irritable, unable to walk afterwards, unable to sit, the penis will get trapped in the vagina, something like a broomstick will come in,
This fear is fueled by information that is constantly circulating. When the first evening comes, the mind perceives this virtual fear as real because the mind tends to create its own subjective world. When a full relationship is to occur, the panic statement on the body of the mind creates; Heart attack, rhinorrhea irregularity, contraction, avoidance, hand pushing, etc.

What Should The Woman Who Learns That She is Vaginismus

These indications are so high that she is a different kind of woman. It lives in a different situation.

If the source of fear is a real situation, the problem can be solved by treating it. For example, a dice problem and associated pain. However, since the mind creates a subjective world of its own after a virtual process of horror, it does not solve the problem of performing dice operations or experimenting with drugs or alcohol because it perceives it as real.

Dr. According to Murat Ulusoy in a good vaginismus treatment; Training and vaginal control exercises, as well as the fact that it is necessary to get rid of the horror hypnosis on the mind. The success rate for this triple compliant treatment is quite high.

How should vaginismus treatment be?
The vaginismus woman should start treatment without losing time. If it makes any displacement, any relationship that flows through the years like water, tried, and fails is carrying vaginism more deeply.

The woman who learns that it is vaginismus needs to leave a sorrowful edge where she lives and tell her that her husband is a disease. At this point in your mind, “No, this is not an illness, and you do it if you want it” or “Let’s leave it to the time” brings the lack of solution. Just as the physician is assisted in other mental and mental illnesses, vaginismus should be assessed in the same category.

One important point is that your man must avoid distrust and experience.

Dr. Murat Ulusoy